Tasha Wants To Go Legit.

Now is it just us? Or have we heard this whole situation before with another character on this show? Remember Ghost wanted to go legit but his wife Tasha was like no? So now that she has quickly found love in a hopeless place with her husband’s lawyer Silver she has dreams of going clean.

Tasha shares her crime free dreams with her new lover of opening a hair franchise with Keisha giving her the ability to be absolutely independent of her soon-to-be ex husband James. Terry eats all of her ambitions up as well her in the process, can we also add how annoying this new couple is by the way. This is also music to her to bestie, LaKeisha’s ears who is definitely on board with the idea but Tommy can’t be nowhere near or involved with the shops.

Tasha makes no mention of Silver though being the inspiration of this drug free epiphany so it’s going to be interesting to see how this works out when Keisha finds out about him. Chances are she’s gonna be for it because she can’t stand Ghost’s cheating ass but at the same time she will be salty cause she’s lonely again.

We shall see though.


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