Angela Gets An Even Better Job.


We may hate Angela with every ounce of our souls, but we have to be real when it comes to season 4 she has been C L U T C H !

Not only did she save Ghost from the needle by telling the truth, last week she also got Christmas cancelled on Mike Sandoval in the most clever of ways.

Angela right now is a free agent and a hot commodity once again since she brought down Mike. Speaking with the new U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District Tameika Robinson (Quincy Tyler Bernstine), she receives high praise for saving the Justice Departments ass.

The silver lining in bringing down Greg was that it closed both the Knox and Lobos cases. Robinson wants Angela to take the lead and be the face of the new and improved department and help restore the publics faith in them . BUT Angela  has bigger ambitions and wants the head of criminal position. Robinson has other plans and asks her who would be a better choice to fill that position, Mak or Saxe?

Angela wasn’t too happy to hear that and asked why not her? Robinson replies back by telling her yeah she saved the department but she also put department’s ass on the line numerous times as well. She finishes the conversation by asking Angela if she was in her shoes would she give herself the job?

Knowing that she’s not in line for the head of criminal job, Angela decides to weigh her options (increase her value) and sets up a meeting with her rival Proctor. 

The two discuss Angela possibly joining his firm with Proctor seeing all of the possibilities of having someone like herself on his team. Proctor talked a good game but it’s when he revealed he doesn’t really care if his clients are innocent or guilty that rubbed Angela the wrong way. She’s all for the truth and Proctor is a sleazy defense attorney and that’s why he’s good at his job honestly, he gives zero fucks. Angela respectfully decides not to partner up with Proctor and leaves him hanging on the bill. We honestly believe she had no intentions of joining Proctor to begin with.

Proctor isn’t the only one who wants Angela on their team, Mak also tries to recruit her to his team. Before heading to the Destroy Injustice Gala,that will be also honoring her ex James St.Patrick, Mak stops by Angela’s apartment to make her an offer.

Mak reveals to Angela that he’s going to get the head of criminal job and that he wants her on his team because she is pit bull. Angela shuts him down immediately pointing out that he only wants her to keep her from joining the defense team. Hmmm think he found out about that meeting with Proctor?

Angela seems to be playing a strategic game of chess lately and everyone is playing right into her hands. She heads to the gala and it’s there where she makes her power move.She whispers something in Tameika’s ear before she steps up to the podium to make her announcement on who is the new head of criminal. Mak is extremely confident that he is going to get the job and even steps up on the podium. In a sudden move Tameika names Angela to the position totally catching both Saxe and an extremely disappointed Mak by surprise.

Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Angela jut leveled up quite easily!


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