Teresi Finally Talks To Tommy!

Ghost finally gets the message to Tommy that he has to talk to Teresi as part of a deal he made with him for helping him cover up Marshal Williams murder. Tommy is reluctant and Ghost doesn’t divulge to mayny details except for the reason why he’s going out of his way to set up the call. Tommy makes the call to Teresi and things quickly get to the point between the two.

Teresi breaks the news to Tommy that he is father, Tommy doesn’t immediately believe him saying that his father is dead. Teresi explains that it wasn’t his fault that he wasn’t in Tommy’s life, it was his mother’s decision. Tommy is still skeptical but it’s when Teresi requests to see Tommy and starts sharing intricate details of how he met his mom that he realizes Teresi might be telling the truth.

They both hang up, but the conversation leaves our boy Tommy absolutely stunned at the new revelation in his life. Lord knows the conversation he is going to have with his mom after finding all of this out. Looks like we are in store for another thrilling episode of Power next week, be sure to check in with us following each episode for a full recap!

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