Riq Is Still A Lost Cause!

This boy Riq has officially earned the title of the worst television son EVER!  After his whole ordeal with Kanan and Jukebox  he is distancing himself from his parents even more now. After hearing the “truth” from Kanan, Riq now believes that everyone is lying to him including his favorite Uncle Tommy. It also seems that he just can’t leave that life he was introduced to by Kanan alone either.

He is abusing lean heavily now, and even stuck up for Dre just so he could get some more information about his parents and Tommy out of him. Riq is even getting extremely violent with his sister Raina and physically pushes her out of his room when all she did was try and  help him. At this point Riq is officially a lost cause nobody, and we nobody is getting through to this kid except a cup of lean and video games. We are too through with this kid!


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