Tasha and Silver Cross The Line of No Return!

Welp we saw it coming, we were just hoping Tasha wouldn’t do it and she let us down. Tasha links up with Silver and his crew for a night of fun and karaoke. Looks like the folks in Power writing room wanted to remind us that Tasha used to be in a small group called ¬†3LW.

Tasha’s song of choice is Whitney Houston’s timeless record “I Have Nothing” and it’s the absolute perfect song to serenade Silver with. Terry enjoys Tasha’s mini performance and after it they have a small but powerful moment where they share a kiss. Terry lets Tasha know that he doesn’t usually kiss his client’s wives but it would seem for Tasha she is an exception. The seed that was planted has now bloomed between these two.

Things do get a bit rocky for them early though when Terry notices the new ring on her finger while at Ghost’s party at Truth. Tasha is at loss for words after Terry points it out and leaves.

Determined to fix it Tasha heads over to Terry’s apartment and it goes down! Tasha and Terry cross the forbidden line and go at it like rabbits, now things can only get interesting from here especially when Ghost eventually finds out.

Now speaking of Ghost, he might possibly have a potential new thang lined up himself. in the form of Olivia Gorman.

Ms.Gorman saw right through the family act and it looks like she has her eyes on Ghost and wants to get to him know better. Yup things are definitely going to get interesting indeed!


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