Prosecution Team Is Pointing Fingers At Each Other!

The prosecution team that was once led by Mak is now an absolute mess after Angela helped destroy their terrible case against Ghost. Mak isn’t really sweating it though cause he’s making sure that he wipes any trace of this case off his record by solving it on his own. Mike, Angela and Saxe are looking at being fired for their actions and Mak could care less about their fate. Mak tells them to stay clear of the case but as Angela stated she’s not going to rest until she finds Greg’s killer.

Too bad she has no idea that Greg’s killer has been sitting across from her the entire time smiling in her face and he’s on a mission as well to make sure he stays out of jail. Mike is becoming desperate now that his planted gun has been thrown out. So the next logical step for him is to put the spotlight on someone else and that person is Jerry Donovan.

Saxe and Mike still have out against Angela and plus they still want to keep their jobs. Mike and Saxe approach Mak with the idea that Jerry could be the mole and ask him to use his resources they now lack to look into it. The idea of course is intriguing to Mak cause if Mike is correct they are all in the clear. Meanwhile Angela is trying to forge her own alliance with Jerry.

Angela is trying her best to convince Jerry that the gun was planted at Truth and it doesn’t belong to Ghost. Angela does her best to reason with Jerry and to piece together the events of the search of Truth and place the individuals who were there that day. Jerry has been relegated to desk duty and is not trying to lose his job so getting him to cooperate this time around didn’t work for Angela. She leaves the table angry but she definitely left Jerry with something to ponder about.

Saxe on-the-other-hand is being ever so persistent and wants to know the status of Mak looking into Donovan as the mole and it backfires in his face.

Mak brings up Saxe’s meeting with Baily Markham whom they don’t know is dead. Mak is curious as to why Saxe is so adamant in throwing Jerry under the bus. Saxe quickly defends himself by pointing out this idea of Donovan being the mole is Mike’s idea not his. It’s too late as Mak tells Saxe that once he gets in contact with Bailey (he won’t) that he will get to the bottom of this and that Saxe should stay in the city.

Looks like Jerry has come to his senses after hearing with Angela had to say to him at the diner and he shows up unexpectedly at her apartment.

Jerry comes with his own theory,he thinks Saxe could be the mole after revealing to Angela some information that she didn’t know. What she learns about Saxe is suspicious but she doesn’t think Saxe is capable of crimes that Jerry is alluding too. That’s not the only thing Jerry arrived at Angela’s apartment with though, he also has a flash drive containing some files for her to go through to help her investigation.Mak is continuing to put pressure on his former team first it was  Saxe now he turns up the pressure on Mike.

Mak inquires about the night in Truth during the search trying to squeeze as much information out of him as possible. Mike doesn’t break but he knows he’s in trouble as Mak gets closer to finding out who is the mole. Mike decides it’s time to take matters into his own hands again and heads to Jerry’s apartment to pay him a visit. Mike isn’t there to talk about case matters, he’s there to kill him. His plan is thwarted when Jerry’s daughter opens the door and tells Mike that her father is not there. Jerry is at Angela’s apartment going over video surveillance from Truth the night of the search and they make a startling discovery. They see Mike heading up the stairs to Ghost’s office to plant the weapon.

There is a knock at the door, Angela opens the door to see it’s Saxe and he’s also there to share some information. Saxe is worried now that he thinks Mak is out to get him. He tells Angela about the theory Mike dropped about Jerry being the mole, Angela opens the door to reveal that Jerry heard everything he said. She tells him he  should come in and watch the tape they just watched, it looks like Mike is some serious trouble now.

Power Season 2, Episode 9


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