Dre Gets A Promotion!

Dre is walking a dangerous fine line and hopefully one day he ends up on the wrong side of it. Unfortunately that day did not come on tonight’s episode but it almost did. Tommy didn’t really believe his nephew when he said Dre was clean in the Kanan matter so he pressed the ambitious double-crosser.

Doing his usual dumb/nervous act Dre convinces Tommy who by the way has a gun in his hand that he didn’t know Kanan was still alive. Tommy gives Dre that aight I believe you… FOR NOW look before they walk int he warehouse where Julio met his demise. Tommy is saddened to see his loyal distro dead as a door knob after putting up a good fight but ultimately meeting his fate at the hands of his former gang. The Toros Locos messed up when they still made the hit look like a gang killing when Dre clearly instructed them not to cause Tommy knew right off the bat.

We all know Tommy doesn’t like to be disrespected by no one and tells Dre that they will pay for killing Julio. Dre of course couldn’t wait for a proper time and asked Tommy who would be replacing Julio as Distro? Tommy looked at Dre like:

Tommy tells Dre to set up a meeting new primeras and Toros Locos and rewards him with the position of distro. Dre finally got the position he so desperately wanted but the question is how long will he last?

The Toros Locos already messed up big time so to fix the situation  they pin the murder on one of their scrubs. Tommy takes the offering but isn’t fully pleased and tells them that they have to give him their territories in exchange for killing Julio. The Toros Locos are not happy at the request but Tommy doesn’t care. He leaves the meeting telling them to set up the meeting with the Jimenez. Now remember The Jimenez from previous seasons, we never seen them but now they are back and these folks are ruthless.

We are introduced to them as they kill one person by making OD on coke and his wife by putting a bullet in her head in front of their infant child.

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Damn another group of ruthless individuals to worry about on this show. Tommy eventually meets up with them to present his request for the Toros Locos territories and that they owe him for taking Lobos for them. They tell Tommy they will consider it, Tommy tells them not to take too long mulling on his request.


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