Ghost Embarks On His New Venture With Stern!

Stern stops by the St.Patrick’s residence to introduce Ghost to the team that will help”repair” his image. Stern informs Ghost about an interview that will be happening that will “reintroduce” Ghost to the world as a great business and family man. Ghost wont be the only one involved in this interview, Tasha and the kids will also be taking part in the dog and pony show. Tasha isn’t too happy to hear that her kids will be on television and is like :

BUT Ghost is like:

With Ghost having the last word on the matter because honestly this is Tasha’s fault, the interview will be taking place and there is nothing she can do about it. Nervous about the meeting Tasha seeks the council of Ghost’s now reluctant attorney Silver. They both agree that the interview is a bad idea but Silver understands why it’s necessary and why Tasha has to be there.

Silver tells Tasha that her presence is needed just to make sure everything goes smoothly. Tasha points out to Silver that he should be there, but he’s not too sure at the moment cause he doesn’t want to represent Ghost anymore. Tasha is saddened to hear that and tells him that the family needs him but most importantly that she needs him.

Once the flirting between these two stops, Silver agrees to attend the interview but not for Ghost but for Tasha. Anyway we now arrive at the interview with Oliva Gorman (Lexi Lawson) and boy do the St.Patricks look the part.

Looking like the worlds most beautiful family they are ready to take this interview head on. Olivia Gorman holds no punches though and begins to ask Ghost some hard-hitting questions. Ghost is ready for all of them but Olivia almost catches them off guard when she asks Tasha where is her wedding ring?

Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Tasha looks at Silver who gives her some encouragement and she quickly replied back that she sold it to help with the case. She almost got caught there but they nailed the interview. Ghost is very appreciative of Tasha coming through in the clutch like she did and he rewards her with a replacement ring for her to wear and help her “look the part” at the party. For a brief moment we get a glimpse of the relationship we first saw in season 1 and it was beautiful.

BUT we won’t be getting our hopes up for that for that cause right now we know she also has eyes for Silver as well.

Now speaking of the party, we meet a new power player Councilman Tate (Larenz Tate). Looks like Stern isn’t the only one who sees some great potential in working with Ghost .

Tate makes an attractive pitch to Ghost about looking into investing in some property located in his district in Queens. Ghost is clearly looking for anyway he can get out of this deal with Stern and he might have found it in Tate.

Stern is not too pleased to see Ghost talking with Tate and tells him to stay away from him. Ghost lets Stern know that he is indeed intrigued at what Tate has to offer and that definitely has to rub Stern the wrong way.


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