Ghost Goes Berserk On Marshal Williams!

Ghost didn’t have a stellar day in court so the perfect place to let off some steam is in the weight room hitting the heavy bag. His workout session is interrupted by his “friend” Marshal Williams,Ghost wants nothing to do with what’s about to go down and tries to go back to his cell.

Williams blocks Ghost from leaving and proceeds to talk tremendous amounts shit about Ghost’s family and even talks about sleeping with Tasha. Ghost has heard enough and had enough and decides he’s has to whoop Marshal Williams ass.The two get into an intense battle and remember the camera in the room doesn’t work so no one except those involved in the set-up knows this fight is going on. Ghost eventually gains the upper hand and grabs a weight and smashes William’s face to a bloody pulp.

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Instantly we are thinking how the hell is Ghost supposed to get out of jail now? Then in comes Biscuit and Teresi. They immediately see the aftermath of what a weight can do to a human face, Biscuit pulls out a knife and is about to take out Ghost. Not so fast though, Teresi surprises Biscuit by putting him in a headlock and strangles biscuit to death. Teresi decides to help get Ghost out this messy situation instead of letting him suffer.

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He tells Ghost to get out his bloody jumpsuit and switch with Biscuit. They make it look like Biscuit killed Marshal WIlliams and then hung himself because he didn’t want to do a life sentence.

Drake Disses Meek Mill on New freestyle "Back To Back"

Teresi now has leverage on Ghost all over again and he basically just saved Ghosts life!




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