Dre Slips Up!


Julio is falling out of Tommy’s good graces recently and Dre is on the rise but tonight it looks like he will be getting some evidence he needs to help is his cause. We catch up with Julio during a signature Power sex scene where he is literally having sex all over his apartment. The session is interrupted by multiple texts complaining about one Cristobal getting more product than them. Julio’s “girlfriend” drops dime on Dre and tells him that Dre has been meeting with Cristobal at the club and that raises Julio’s suspicions. She also informs Julio about Dre’s new hole-in-the-wall spot since the club has been shut down.

Tommy also now has an issue with Dre as well thanks to Riq. During a conversation about Riq having sex with Destiny, Riq lies and tells Tommy that Dre took him to the party.

That definitely didn’t sit well with Tommy who after having high praise for Dre’s smart idea about the spot, brought him back to earth for not revealing that information about Riq. Dre of course denies it and tells him he doesn’t know what Riq is talking about, Tommy warns him to run any family business by him immediately from now on or else. Now here is where Dre really messes up, Kanan pops up to new spot to meet with Dre and pick up his final payment from him. Dre once again insists that Kanan stops messing with Riq for both their sakes. Kanan of course isn’t trying to hear it and even confirms a link-up between him and Riq while he’s talking to Dre.

While they are talking Julio shows and guess who he sees talking to Dre? Yup that’s right he sees Kanan in the office.

Ohhhhhh boy we can’t wait to see how this is going to play out in the coming weeks cause this is an explosive revelation.


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