Terry Pulls A Surprise Move In and Out Of Court!

Ghost already doesn’t like Terry and if what we are seeing brewing between Terry and Tasha is a connection then he’s going to hate him even more. You didn’t have to be in the room with them to feel how thick the tension between these two is. Right off the bat you could sense it when Terry went over to the St.Patrick’s residence to talk to Tasha about the case.

Terry informs Tasha about the asset forfeiture case coming about and that he’s either gonna need Ghost or herself to testify. At the mere mention of the idea Tasha was like:

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Terry explains to her that yes they would be giving up spousal privilege by her testifying but he would make sure the prosecution stays in line when they cross-examine her. He ends the meeting by telling Tasha that he is sure that she can do anything if she puts her mind to it. Tasha is dead ass looking at Silver like:

Oh the seed has been planted by Terry and it is quickly sprouting! With that said it’s time to head to court for this hearing. Tasha and the kids show up and she looks ready to testify and get it over with.

Terry throws everyone for a loop in court when instead of calling Tasha to testify he calls up his client Ghost instead.

The surprise move initially works in Terry’s favor they were already prepared tor the prosecution to bring up the check and had an early counter. Ghost looked and sounded like just an ordinary family/business man who borrowed money from a friend.

The prosecution was stunned by the move but definitely had something up their sleeve to counter Terry’s move as they feel they still have the upper hand. Mike agrees with that assessment and says he knows how to get Ghost while they still have the opportunity to cross-examine him.

After a brief recess it was Mike’s turn to dig into Ghost and boy did he do that. Things quickly go down hill for Ghost as Mike gets underneath his skin as skillfully paints Ghost as Greg’s killer. As Mike continually picks and prods at Ghost he gets more and more frustrated. Mike gets him to the point that he screams out in court that he did not kill Greg, Mike quickly points out and asks how do you know the victim well enough to call him Greg? That definitely did not look good for Ghost and Silver.

Ghost and Terry link up for a meeting following their poor showing in court and Ghost is of course furious at what happened at the hearing. To add even more pressure on Ghost, Terry tells him that he will need more money to help pay for the team that he will need to help Ghost. Unfortunately Ghost informs him that he doesn’t have any more money. Oh this is not looking good for Ghost at all.


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