The Return of Simon Stern!

An old foe that Ghost thought he has gotten rid of returns at the most convenient time when Ghost is down on his luck. Ghost get’s a surprise visit from Simon Stern and honestly we thought we seen the last of him after his own wife and Ghost set him up good. Stern is there to offer Ghost an olive branch in the form of financial assistance after he learns of the feds freezing all of Ghost’s assets. Of course Ghost doesn’t want or need help from Simon and is like:

Simon is a persistent guy and doesn’t take no for an answer it seems. So he approaches Tasha during recess at Ghost’s asset forfeiture hearing and makes her the same offer that he made Ghost. Playing the whole he feels sorry for Ghost card, he tells her he knows about their financial woes. Tasha is like:

Stern leaves Tasha his card and tells her to call her if she changes her mind. Hmmmm we wonder what game he is trying to play here.


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