The LaKeisha Factor!

LaKiesha is officially lost in the sauce when it comes to “playing in the snow”. She confirms how head over heels she is for Tommy during some after sex pillow talk.They cover a range of topics from blunt rolling to her shop and possibly losing it. Tommy tells her that yes things at the moment are looking bad but he promises her that things will eventually go back to the way they were.

For the moment that’s all she needed to hear for reassurance. The two get back to smooching but are interrupted by Tommy’s phone going off. It’s a text from Tasha telling Tommy that Proctor is off the case and that she may have to testify. Damn after all of that shit Tommy told Keisha about being cool, it now looks like they really do have to be worried. While reading the text, Keisha is pouring her heart out to Tommy, she mentions that this is all new to her and that she never had a good guy she kick it with. She crosses a line though when she brings up Holly and not wanting to make the same mistake she did that resulted in their “break up” and her not coming back.

Holly is Tommy’s trigger word and he immediately freezes at mere mention of her name. After he snaps out of his weird state he plays it off as if he never heard what Tasha said. With pressure now mounting on him Tommy goes to have a conversation with Proctor with the recent turn of events in the case.

Tommy is already on one when he links up with Proctor and wants answers immediately. He’s not to happy about Tasha testifying because Tasha and Keisha are involved in the “family business” just  as much as everyone else. This all new information to Proctor and he is baffled as to why he wasn’t told about this in the first place? Tommy tells him he was a need to know basis. Proctor tells him that if Tasha testifies she could be blindsided cause they have no idea what the prosecution knows about their finances. Proctor tells Tommy if the prosecution knows about the drug money and the weave shop all of them are toast .

Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Speaking of LaKeisha she accidentally lets the cat out of the bag when it comes to her and Tommy. While helping Tasha pick a dress to probably testify in, she can’t contain the fact the Tommy has her dickmatized. She doesn’t say his name but Tasha figures it all out once Keisha states that her new thang is a “white boy with flavor”. What Tasha also notices is that her girl is head over heels in love and she knows this can be a disaster if Keisha gets her heart-broken.

Tasha finally catches up with Tommy and she talks to him about Keisha. Tasha gets to the point immediately and wants to know what exactly is going on with Keisha. Tommy was like:

Basically admitting to blowing Keisha’s back out, Tasha tells him that he has to be careful not to break her heart. Tasha is worried that Keisha could become a woman scorned and act irrationally if Tommy keeps giving her that good loving and plays with her heart. Tasha is surprised at the fact that Tommy is messing around with Keisha because he usually goes for red heads. She asks him about Holly and he finally comes clean to Tasha about what happened to her.

Tommy tells Tasha that he killed Holly, but had he known she was pregnant he would have never killed her. Tasha is taken back by Tommy’s confession but understands he did what he did to protect the family. Tasha then tells Tommy that he has to basically do the same when it comes to Keisha and go along with her feelings to protect the family.


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