Tony Teresi Plots His Revenge !

Tony Teresi is still bitter after Ghost shut down his extortion plan and won’t let him see Tommy. Instead heeding Ghost’s warning and moving on from the situation, Teresi decides he’s gonna get his revenge on Ghost.

In order to do so he brings in another person who is just as salty as he is.That person is none other Marshal Williams (Charlie Murphy), he hates Ghost even more now because they got his crooked ass transferred. Teresi uses their mutual hate for Ghost to enlist the Marshal’s help in exacting revenge on Ghost. Ghost can’t catch a damn break at all, now he has even more to worry about while he’s behind bars. Marshal Williams would definitely love another crack at Ghost and Teresi just gave it to him on a silver platter.

But what exac;ty is Teresi up too? This whole situation sounds fishy as hell, there is definitely more to Teresi;s madness.



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