Angela Knows The Truth!


After reviewing the surveillance footage and seeing that Ghost didn’t hide the gun, Angela comes to her senses and believes he didn’t do it. She first expresses her doubt with the prosecution’s case to her sister Paz. She wasn’t too receptive of hearing Angela say that she thinks Ghost is innocent of course. 

After Angela explains to her why she feels the way she does, Paz eventually sees the light and puts her hate for Ghost to the side. Paz tells her in spite of her feelings for Ghost that she should do the right thing if she knows he’s innocent

Now that her mission is clear, it’s time for her to get the new findings out to the team. Unfortunately for Angela she decides to talk to the wrong person first. Remember that discussion we spoke of between Angela and Mike earlier? She tells Mike that she looked at the surveillance tape from Truth and nowhere on it does she see Ghost hide the gun and that she thinks the man is innocent. Mike immediately looks at Angela like:

Angela wants to tell Mak about what she saw but Mike immediately shuts all this talk about Ghost being innocent down cause we all know why.

He basically feels like Kanan when it comes to this matter and there aint a damn thing that is gonna convince him other wise.

Well since that approach was a dead-end, Angela decides she has no choice but to talk to Proctor about her new findings. Deep down we know she’s probably salty as fuck she has to do this.

Proctor now has plenty of free time since he is no longer working the case and decides he’s going to use it to spend quality time with his daughter.

Their adorable lunch session is interrupted by Angela who desperately wants to talk to Proctor. Of course Proctor shuts that shit down immediately but his daughter has the final say and gives him permission to step away from lunch.

Angela tells Proctor that she watched the surveillance footage and that he was right about the gun.Proctor was pretty much like:

Proctor basically calls the situation what it is and that is a frame job. Angela is willing to play ball but tells Proctor she can’t accuse her team of framing Ghost until Ghost tells her everything. Proctor tells her if she really wants to help Ghost, she has to get in contact with him directly and contact Silver ASAP. Angela thanks Proctor and extends her hand for a handshake, Proctor leaves Angela’s ass hanging and she so deserved it!

Proctor isn’t here for it and we appreciate him for letting Angela know that. BUT things are slowly coming together and operation save Ghost is picking up momentum. Taking Proctor’s advice Angela meets with Ghost and Terry to get the truth.

Ghost reveals some poignant information about that fateful night when Greg was murdered. He tells Angela that he was there in the apartment that night. He divulges that he went there to look for a recording that Greg said he had implicating Angela as the mole. Angela was still hesitant to believe him but it’s when Ghost points out the phone that wasn’t there before and breaks down intricate details she would only have known that night when she stopped by.

Terry then gets straight to the point of her being there and asks Angela what can she do for them? It is here Angela is officially coming to her senses and she reveals her team’s plan to introduce the seven-figure check they found as evidence of payment for Greg’s murder. Upon hearing Angela’s information,Terry immediately requests some private time with his client. Terry is not too pleased to hear about this check because it could mean collusion and that will lead to a rico case.Ghost calmly explains the check to Terry as just a loan that was used to pay the security firm that he used for his three nightclubs,

Terry also mentions that Tasha may have to testify at the hearing and Ghost is not to receptive of that idea. Terry explains to Ghost that it’s not their main option but it’s a possibility she will. BUT at least now they are now going into this hearing prepared after Angela revealed some key information to them.


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