The Prosecution Finds A New Lead!

Ghost is mad as hell right now! He’s rightfully upset that his star lawyer Proctor got the boot and now he’s stuck with Terry whom he is really not that fond of at all. Terry eventually gets his client to calm down by telling Ghost he is his only hope in saving him from the needle. Terry explains to Ghost that his asset forfeiture hearing is coming and up and that the prosecution is planning on linking something they found in his financial records to the case.

Terry asks Ghost if there is anything in his financials that they should be worried about ? Ghost tells him that Tasha is in charge of the finances and that there is no need to worry. Now that leaves only one more possibility and that is a Rico case. In order to get a Rico charge, the prosecution has to prove that the business Ghost was running with Tommy is a criminal enterprise. Ghost looks as Terry and tells him:

The prosecution of course sees things very differently and that is very unfortunate for Ghost.

Saxe and Mak interrupt a discussion going on between Mike and Angela (we will come back to that) excited about some good news.They found evidence of a check for seven figures that Tommy wrote out to Ghost’s nightclub Truth after they severed their business ties. They don’t know what it is for exactly but they think the payment could have been for killing Greg making it a murder for hire. Upon hearing the recent revelations Mike was like:

The Rock Shares Video Of Broken Finger On Instagram

Now if the prosecution can make their argument stick and prove that Ghost used his club in a murder for hire they can pursue a Rico case.


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