Ghost Is Free Man!

That fight scene between Ghost and Williams was intense and our emotions are all over the place. What happens next also gets us hyped as well. The prosecution has no idea why they are in court but they are about to find out exactly why. It would seem the defense has requested a motion to dismiss the case and call up a special witness and it’s none other than Angela Valdez. The prosecution is stuck looking like:

Angela decided to take matters into her own hands and do what’s right after her team continues to ignore the truth. She is even willing to face the fact that her job is on-the-line by her testifying against her team. Silver wastes no time and asks her to disclose what she knows. Angela immediately brings up the fact that she told Mike about the surveillance footage and he chose to ignore it and chose not to share it with the defense.

Angela also dropped dime on Mak telling the judge she told him about the doubt she had that Ghost was guilty and he responded by keeping her out of strategy on the case. Angela even said that she most definitely feels that Ghost is innocent and not responsible for the death of the Greg.

Terry pretty much doesn’t have to ask anything else at the point and rests. Mak who is clearly pissed the hell off tears into Angela and asks her about her sexual relationship with James. At this point things are getting extremely messy and the judge has heard enough. Judge Tapper tears into Angela and the prosecution team for making a joke of this case with all their careless handling evidence. He looks at Ghost and apologizes to him and tells him that he has no choice but to dismiss the charges against him.

Power Season 2, Episode 9 Recap

Ghost is finally a free man and it’s all thanks to Angela for putting her neck on the line and doing what’s right. A very noble move on her part.

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Ghost being free sets off a series of actions into motion and they all will bring drama. Terry stops by Ghost’s apartment to talk with Tasha about what to expect now. The conversation begins to get all weird again like the first one but this one you can clearly tell that there is some sort of chemistry brewing between these two.

The meeting ends with a very strong hug and a stare, Silver leaves Tasha with a card and tells her if she needs anything to call him. Oh we are sure she will be calling Terry for than just advice at this point. Once Terry leaves, Tasha gets the card Simon Stern gave her and gives him a call. Looks like she will be using that life line he gave her. Two things Ghost will be very upset to find out about when he gets back home.

Angela is taking the walk of shame in her office as she is now suspended and possibly facing termination for her actions. She gets in the elevator and as soon as the doors are about to close Mike gets on the elevator with her. Can you say awkward?

Once they reach the main floor Mike grabs Angela and tells her all she did was just let a killer get off. The audacity of this man Mike smh. Angela responds by saying that the real killer is out there and she is not going to rest until she catches the person responsible for Greg’s death.

Another thing that happened was Teresi using his leverage on Ghost now that he’s free man again.

Teresi tells Ghost to give Tommy a cell phone to call him and threatens to snitch on him if he doesn’t comply. Ghost is curious and asks if Teresi knows Tommy father or something? Teresi replies by saying something like that, basically confirming what we all suspected, Tony is Tommy’s dad.

Power Season 2, Episode 9

Speaking of father and son, Ghost’s son just got himself into a world of trouble again. He shows up at Kanan’s borrowed apartment expecting to see Kanan there waiting.

Instead he was greeted by Jukebox and she wasn’t there to sip lean with young fool.

Kanan walks in looking for Riq and sees Jukebox, she has the phone Kanan gave Riq to keep in contact with him.Jukebox tells Kanan that Ghost is a free man and now they can go through with the plan to kidnap Riq and hold him for ransom. The plan is to get Ghost to pay and they still kill the both of them, the episode ends with Kanan asking Jukebox what does she need him to do?

Listen next week can’t get here soon enough cause we already hyped! Be sure to check in back with us for our full recap of next weeks shenanigans on Power!

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