SFPL’s Artist Spotlight: LA’s own PluggWorld Drops Their New Project ‘MOOD’

Let us introduce to you, PluggWorld and their newest project!

The trio consists of:

Bass, Vocals, Production – Ivan Chatman
Writer, Vocals & Production – Cameron Morrison
Guitar, Vocals & Production – “Jimee” David Murray

The L.A.-based band delivers an organic sound that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

The new project Mood is a sonic journey, filled with lush chords and melodies over dynamic percussions and hearty 808s. Each track boasts live instrumentation seamlessly intertwined with modern digitized sounds. The introspective album addresses the different moods, views, and dilemmas of the modern 20-something in Los Angeles.

The Album is now live on iTunes, Apple music & Google Play. The links are below:

iTunes: HERE

Apple Music: HERE

Google Play: HERE

Be sure to connect with PluggWorld: 

IG – @PluggWorld
Facebook – PluggWorld
youtube – PluggWorld






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