Proctor Is Disqualified!

Proctor, Terry and James have no idea why they have been summoned to court. They quickly find out after Mike hands the judge a folder. After quickly going over it the judge asks that the lawyers meet him in his chambers and to send James back to his holding cell.

Power Season 2, Episode ( Recap

In the chambers we find out that the prosecution is requesting that Proctor be disqualified due to conflicts of interest. The prosecution successfully makes the case that he no longer has his client’s (James) best interest by turning down the deal Angela presented to them and also representing Tommy . So that means Ghost is now stuck with Terry as his lawyer.

Power Season 2, Episode 9 Recap

There was a small consolation prize out of all of this though. Proctors amazing work earlier got the gun evidence dismissed as he made a very good case of it possibly being planted. We are also sure the outburst he got out of  SAC Jerry Donovan while he was testifying helped the judge make his decision. Proctor now has to go break the unfortunate news to his client James. James immediately picks up on something being wrong cause they are not having this conversation in the attorney room.

Proctor tells James he is no longer his attorney and that Terry will be taking over. James is not a fan of Terry at all and is definitely mad as hell on the inside. Proctor is definitely taking this one hard though as he was committed to this case and helping Ghost beat it.


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