The Feds Freeze All Assets!

Things are just not getting any better for the St. Patrick family. Tasha learns from Raina and Riq’s principal that the last check they sent to pay for their tuition was denied by the bank.The principal took great joy in relaying that information to Tasha while her children watched.Tasha insists that there must be some sort of error and to resubmit the check but the principal tells her the bank won’t honor any checks from either Tasha or James. Tasha has till the end of the week to make a payment or her kids face suspension.

The Rock Shares Video Of Broken Finger On Instagram

On the other side of town Keisha is also not faring well either. The feds arrive to shut down her shop as she is locking up for the night.

Poor Keisha has no idea what’s going on and why they are shutting her down  and immediately calls Tasha to get some clarity. Meanwhile Dre also isn’t faring too well his damn self.

That’s right,the feds also shut down Truth as well, which not only hurts Ghost but it also makes life extremely hard for Dre who has to pay Kanan on the side. The feds are definitely applying pressure to Ghost and his crew.

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