Ghost Has Dirt On Teresi!

Tony meets up with Ghost in the weight room to thank him for making the first drop, tell him he’s good for the week and to issue some more demands. Not only does Teresi want more money, he also wants to meet Tommy personally. Hmmmm wonder what that is all about?

What Tony doesn’t know is that he no longer has the upper hand in the situation, Ghost has information on him now thanks to Tommy. Ghost immediately tells him that he will NOT be meeting Tommy and that he will no longer be getting any money from them. Tony was like:

Ghost brings up the murder Tony is implicated in and threatens to snitch if he continues to harass him or anyone that knows him on the outside. Ghost brings up the consequences if in fact the Seletti (not sure if we spelled that right) family finds out who killed their father and how that could impact Tony’s sick wife. Tony makes the wise decision to back down and keep it moving, but we are still very intrigued about his fascination with Tommy.


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