Tommy Cancels Christmas On Bailey Markham!

Proctor gets in contact with Homeland Security Agent Bailey Markham. Proctor wants to know why the prosecution isn’t using Markham as a timeline witness since he figures he would be very important to their case. Markham has no interest in helping either Proctor or James and flexes his subpoena power. Proctor feels both he and Bailey shares some similar interest, they both believe that Greg Knox isn’t the F.B.I. mole.

Proctor’s pitch intrigues Bailey enough that he reveals that he has evidence that could help his client James but at the same time hurt Tommy. Being that Proctor represents both of them he has to see what Bailey has on his clients. They agree to meet at Proctors apartment in hopes that they can both get what they want to help put this case to bed. Proctor immediately meets up Tommy to tell him what’s going on with the case.

Tommy lets Proctor know that he met up with Sammy and got the information on Tony Teresi that Ghost asked him to get. Proctor immediately lets Tommy know that Bailey has some damaging evidence on him and that he plans on meeting with him to find out what it is. Tommy insists that he has to be there too and Proctor was like:

But of course Tommy wasn’t asking Proctor he was telling him he was going to be there and the meeting ends. Proctor finally meets up with Bailey and he finally gets to hear the tape of Tommy admitting to killing Lobos with Ghost.

Bailey points out that Tommy never mentions Ghost’s name and that he never mentions Greg helped him. All Bailey cares about is clearing Greg’s record. He explains to Proctor if James wants to use the recording and flip on Tommy and get immunity, he’s gonna have to testify that Greg wasn’t killed for working for Lobos, but he was killed because he was close to taking down Tommy and James.

Proctor counters by explaining to Bailey that James doesn’t thing Knox was working with Lobos and that the real mole killed Knox and framed him. If they shine the light on that person it will exonerate both Greg and James. Proctor then asks Bailey if he has any idea who that person could be? Baily tells him he might know who that person is. He also isn’t done playing the recording either.

Bailey then plays the rest of the recording where you can hear Tommy killing poor Ruiz. Proctor could do nothing but stand there and listen in utter shock as he can hear his client Tommy cancel Christmas on Ruiz. Now he understands why Bailey emphasized that he either had to choose between Ghost flipping on Tommy or choosing not to use the recording and helping Tommy.

Unbeknownst to poor Bailey, Tommy was in the building listening and watching the whole meeting go down and he was not there to talk. Tommy immediately puts a knife deep into to the chest of Bailey multiple times!

Tommy made the decision to kill Bailey because he thought Ghost was on gonna flip on him not knowing that actually Ghost was trying to help him. Proctor is now deeper in the situation more than ever after witnessing the murder of a federal agent and Tommy tells him now “we’re both implicated, we’re in this together”.


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