Tariq Continues To Be A Pain In The Ass!

RIq has officially earned the title of the worst child on a televison show. We never wanted to beat a child so bad until we encountered this kid. The lean addicted young man is still out here in these Power streets with his best friend Slim aka Kanan working on becoming a criminal. He is also making life for his sister Raina a living hell constanlty talking down on her..

Riq is supplying slim with the access codes to his friends homes so they can gain easy access and clean out the homes of all their valuable posessions. The plan is pretty solid and working to perfection as Riq keeps his friends distracted with video games while sipping on lean. Riq’s hard work is not going unnoticed and Kanan decides to not only reward Riq with cash but also with some ass.

Kanan sets Riq up with a girl named Destiny whom he had eyes for while hanging out Kanan’s stolen crib. Kanan encourages the young man to go in the room to sleep with the young lady. Riq was very nervous because this was his first time but Destiny made sure he was comfortable. Someone needs to hurry up and intervene and save this boy before he gets in some serious trouble he won’t be able to get out of.



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