LaKeisha is Dickmatized!

Looks like LaKeisha definitely loved playing in the snow cause it would seem she is sprung on Tommy. Keisha is already texting the man to get his whereabouts and seemed to be a little bothered when she found out Tommy was staying with the Tasha and the kids..

They eventually link up again when Tommy stops by the shop to check up on LaKeisha. But before they head inside though Keisha wants to know why he left so quickly the last time they hooked up? He lets her know he was just being there for Tasha and the kids. Keisha makes a case for herself by reminding Tommy that she has a son as well and Tommy was like:

Tommy gets Keisha to come back to her senses and they head inside for a steamy” smash session.

If Tommy wants Keisha to chill,giving her that relationship sex isn’t helping cause it’s only dickmatizing her more. Oh we shall see how this “relationship” continues to play out.


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