Angela Makes A Startling Discovery!

Down in the dumps after being disqualified, Proctor decides to go pay Angela a visit to let her know exactly how he feels about being removed from the case. Proctor makes a passionate argument for Ghost’s innocence, hammering home the fact that everything Ghost did he did for Angela. He also insists to Angela that she knows that gun that was found in Ghost’s office is not his.

Proctor’s plea resonated with Angela cause she decides to go check the surveillance footage from that night.

Angela makes a startling discovery after watching the tape, Ghost was indeed telling the truth and he never not once made his way to that bar to hide the gun.

Oh and she also noticed that Mike was the last person to review the tape so that means he knows and chose to ignore that fact.

Ohhhh we can’t wait to see how Angela handles this in next weeks episode. We hope she makes the right decision and presents her findings to her team. We shall see next!

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