The Prosecution Agrees On The Fate of James In New Power Clip!

[protected-iframe id=”00e49800b7a1065cae6aac3f08212027-94710750-90124474″ info=”″ width=”640px” height=”360px” frameborder=”0″]

The prosecution is out for blood and they want nothing less!

In the clip above, Angela and the rest of the prosecution team are engaged in a heated debate about James and what exactly his punishment should be. Mak, Mike and Saxe is questioning Angela’s commitment to cause of putting away James for good. While Angela secretly just wants jail time for her ex-lover, they want James to get the needle and that’s it. Angela reluctantly agrees with the rest of her team but is clearly torn on the inside.

We just hope Proctor and Terry can come through for our guy Ghost in the end. Make sure to check back with us immediately after Power airs on Sunday for our full recap of this weekend’s upcoming episode.



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