Ghost Is Denied Bail

Things are looking good for Ghost initially, the case on Ghost isn’t solid, he’s got the bail money and plus he has proctor in his corner. The judge seems to be on their side throughout the proceedings until the prosecutions lead attorney John Mak makes his case.

After hearing arguments from  both sides arguments the judge decides that Ghost should not be granted bail.

Tasha is extremely disappointed in the decision and she should be because she had to go through a lot just to get the bail money.

Ghost is taken back into custody and to add insult to injury, there is a particular guard who has it in for poor Ghost.

While walking back to his cell, the guard calls out Ghost for resisting when he actually wasn’t. Ghost is escorted to a dark area in the prison and there he gets his ass whooped by the two guards.

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Hopefully things get better for Ghost in the next episode, but seriously though WELCOME BACK POWER!

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