The Feds Search Tasha’s Home

Tasha gets a surprise visit from Keisha who is there lend some emotional support to her friend in need. Their conversation is quickly broken up by the arrival of the feds with a search warrant. To make matters worse, Angela has the nerve to be with the group searching the apartment. Tasha and Keisha were both like when Angela walked off that elevator:

The kids are not home at the time and Keisha really wants to beat Angela’s ass. Tasha tells her to relax and keep her mouth shut while she confronts Angela. Angela asks Tasha is there is a weapon in the house? Tasha takes her to the office where Ghost was sleeping to open the safe with the gun.

Angela asks Tasha if this is where Ghost was sleeping? Tasha replies I was afraid he was going to transfer bed bugs from your place.

Meanwhile the agent in the room with them is looking at the two of them like :

Angela then asks Tasha to input the combination for the safe, Tasha obliges and lets the agent open the safe. Angela asks Tasha if the gun is loaded? Tasha replies ” No, I wouldn’t keep a loaded weapon around children”.

Power Season 2, Episode 9

We get a glimpse of the agent’s face again after Tasha’s clap back and it was like:

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The agent tells Angela that gun is not the murder weapon, Angela instructs him to bag and tag it anyway. The two exchange more words and Angela tells Tasha to call Proctor to protect both of them.


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