Tasha Discovers There Is No Money!

Proctor hits up Tasha after he visits Ghost in jail for the first time. He tells her to get the bail money ready, roughly about 2 million dollars to be exact. Tasha was like: Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Proctor also warns her that the money has to be legit, nothing untraceable because that wouldn’t look good for the businessman James St.Patrick. With that said Tasha heads to their safe deposit box only to discover there is nothing in but a note. Ghost basically left Tasha an I.O.U like:

So yeah it’s going to be real hard for Tasha to scrounge up that bail money for Ghost. There is some hope though, while visiting Ghost, she learns from him that there is money that can be used to bail him out. He tells her to get the money back from Dean aka Milan who is now dead. Ghost paid a large sum of money to the security firm that Dean was running .

Tasha tells Tommy about the plan and he reaches out to the Serbs for the money. Tommy convinces them that in order for business to go smoothly and to keep the heat off them they have to help get Ghost out of jail. The Serbs agree to give back the money and boom now Tasha has the money to bail out Ghost.


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