Kanan Is Presented With An Even Better Opportunity To Hurt Ghost!

Kanan and Jukebox are waiting for Tasha to respond to their ransom demand for Tariq, but unfortunately for them that won’t be happening.

Their meeting is interrupted by Dre who is currently looking for Tariq. Dre breaks the news to Kanan that due to Ghost being arrested, they wont be seeing any money from the St.Patricks that night. Kanan upon hearing that Ghost has suffered his previous fate was like:

Jukebox see Ghost being locked up as an opportunity to put even more pressure on Tasha and Ghost to deliver the ransom money. Dre interjects and tells Kanan that he is in better position to put some money in his hand by getting Kanan back in the drug game. Dre proposes that he can get Kanan 10K a week, Jukebox jumps in and says 15k a week for each of them. Dre was like:

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With no clear leverage in the situation looks like Dre has no choice but to oblige with Kanan and his crew and deliver that money. No longer intending on holding Riq hostage, Kanan wakes up Riq from his lean coma and tells him that his dad has been arrested. Riq is initially shocked at the news and asks Kanan what did his father do? Kanan tells him whatever he did, “he did that shit” and young gullible Riq believes him.

Dre takes Riq back home and Tasha is absolutely relieved to see her young naive son. Riq lies and tells her that everything was one big joke and that everything is okay.

I can’t be the only one that wants to do this to Riq’s lying ass:

Tommy of course isn’t really buying the explanation immediately and asks Dre where did he find Riq? Dre tells him he found Riq in Brooklyn but Tommy is still like:

Tommy quickly asks his nephew who is Slim? Riq of course continues to lie and tells his uncle that he made Slim up to throw his younger sister Raina off. Meanwhile she is in the hallway listening to her brother lie on her and her face was like:

Riq then promises his mom he won’t hang out with his bad ass friends anymore but we all know that aint happening. Still playing dumb, Riq asks about his incarcerated dad knowing good and well what happened to him. Tasha sits him down to explain to him where his father is but they are interrupted by Raina who is also deeply concerned about her dad.

Tommy is still very skeptical about what’s going on and presses Dre one more time about how he managed to track down Riq. Dre sticks to his guns and doesn’t change his story, Tommy reluctantly believes him and thanks him for finding Riq. Dre leaves in the elevator but knows he dodged a serious bullet for now.

Tommy’s spidey-sense is tingling and he knows something is up but he just can’t quite put his finger on it right now.



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