Ghost’s Arrest and It’s Affect On Everyone!

We know that Ghost’s current situation can be all chalked up to his uncharacteristically sloppy mistake by leaving his fingerprint at the scene of the crime. What we also immediately learn that his arrest will affect everyone from his family, associates and even his enemies as they will use this opportunity to get an advantage over him. While being booked Ghost reflects on everything that has transpired leading up to this unfortunate moment. He is brought back to reality by the buzzing of his cell phone.

Tasha is frantically looking for Ghost, she has no idea that her husband is currently in the bing thanks to her nemesis Angela. Tasha is currently a mess after receiving a photo of her son Tariq accompanied with a ransom demand for his safe return.She has no idea that Tariq will be the least of her worries after she finds out about Ghost.

Since she couldn’t get in contact with Ghost the next viable option is Uncle Tommy. She informs him that Riq is missing and he immediately heads to Truth to find out what’s going and confronts Dre.

Tommy also learned from Raina that Riq has been hanging out with some shady individuals as of late. He specifically focuses on “Slim” aka Kanan and wants to know who he is? Dre quickly deflects and points out that Tommy told Dre to stay out of “family business” and to fall back. Tommy changes his tune and tells Dre to find Riq and that he’s going with him to find his missing nephew. Dre has to be nervous on the inside like:

Before they set off to go find Riq, Dre also informs Tommy that his ex-partner in crime Ghost was arrested that night by Angela. Tommy’s response to that news:


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