Ghost Is Fighting For His Life In The Intense Trailer For Season 4 of Power!

Season 4 of Power looks like it’s going to be extremely nerve-racking based off the first trailer. Things open up with Ghost in jail after being framed for the murder of Greg Knox with his nemesis Kanaan supplying commentary while Ghost is being processed.

“That first night in jail, no idea whats going to happen to you. You’re away from everything that comforts you, everything that makes you feel at home. That’s real fear.”

Ghost’s false imprisonment will have a profound effect on everyone in his life this season. Tasha will be doing her best to keep her family together and at the same time protect herself. Angela who is responsible for James being in the mess that he is in now, and is alos doing her best to rid herself of James. She even refers to her ex-lover as the “biggest mistake of her life”.

I’m sure Ghost feels the same way as well while he sits in a prison cell. While Ghost is trying to keep his image squeaky clean, Tommy is still running the streets cause he just can’t let the life go. Ghost also has a new enemy to worry and that is Assistant U.S. Attorney, John Mak (Sung Kang), who is on a mission to keep Ghost in prison for a long time. We also might have gotten a glimpse of Keisha (Lala Anthony), fans have been wondering what happened to Tasha’s former best friend.


Ohhhh we cannot wait for June 25th, we will definitely be locked in when Power returns!

Photo: Starz 


Ghost Will Be Fighting For His Freedom In Newly Released Set Photos From Season 4 of Power!






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