You Should Know: Cris Cab Debuts New Song “Rest Of My Life”

As most of you know, I’m always here for good music and talent. Cris Cab is someone that has been on my radar for some time now and my ears are always at attention during the break of any new music from the Fly talent.

Today, Cris drops off a fresh new song for his fans titled “Rest Of My Life”. Over top of live boom bap drums and a signature guitar line, Cris brings out his songwriter side by telling a story of taking advantage of the time that we have.

He says:

“I wrote ‘Rest of My Life’ about not wasting time on THOTs, insta-models and unruly fashion stylists. Since then I’ve truly learned about the meaning of achieving happiness through hard work and determination. Where there is no risk, There is no achievement. Where there is no achievement, There is no real happiness, And wherever there is real happiness there aren’t many THOTs or insta-models. #Amen #BlessUp”

Take a listen above.

Check out Cris Cab’s song “Rest of My Life” on Apple Music and Spotify below

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