SFPL’s Artist Spotlight: Nick Carter Green Drops Two New Songs “Haley” & “Breanna”


After a long hiatus, singer-rapper-producer Nick Carter Green is back with not one but two new singles titled “Breanna”, & “Haley” featuring Rockie Fresh, Alex Wiley & YP, produced by Deryck Cabrera and ALEXX. Currently, seeking new management Nick isn’t taking anymore time off as he plans to drop a new project just any day now during the Spring entitled Shades Darker.

The double-song release features sultry vocals and live instrumentation, “Breanna” perfectly flips a Mary J. Blige ’97 classic while deftly showcasing an unflinching tendency to melt away stress and radiate sex appeal. In opposition, “Haley,” featuring fellow Chicagoan and MMG-signee Rockie Fresh, as well as Alex Wiley and YP, comes just in time to ignite the season and sit perfectly in that Spring and Summertime playlist.

Check out both tracks above.

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