Tongiht’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta picks up with Scrappy and his messy hair linking up with Rasheeda.She has been relatively quiet since finding out Kirk cheated on her and possibly is the father of Jasmine’s child. The two link up to talk about each others disastrous relationships.

Scrappy reveals to Rasheeda that the wedding is off but he loses it when she reveals that she is considering getting a divorce. Scrappy feels if Kirk and Rasheeda can’t make,there is no chance for him as well. As if Kirk and Rasheeda are everyone’s relationship goals.

Anyway for some reason Scrappy feels the need he has to help salvage Kirk and Rasheeda’s marriage. He also links up with Kirk to try to convince the habitual cheater to save his marriage.

Kirk and his classless self decides to the blame Rasheeda for their marriage falling apart and him having to cheat. He claims the lack of intimacy is the real culprit which pushed him into arms of a stripper.

Basically Kirk is still a waste of time and Rasheeda deserves better. Scrappy tries to convince Kirk to take a paternity test to see if the child is his or not. Kirk denies the baby belongs to him but doesn’t want to take a paternity test to clear his name and save his marriage.

The perplexing behavior of telling the loud mouth of Atlanta, Karlie Redd all of their business continues in this episode. Not one but two people confront Karlie Redd to “spill the tea” and you know Karlie was all ears. First to gossip to Karlie was Joc’s baby mama of all people. She tells Karlie that she lied to Joc about dating his former friend Rod. She also hints at Joc possibly messing with Tommy to Karlie who boasted about her relationship with Joc going pretty well. So much for that!

After Joc’s baby mama spilled the beans on him it was Jessica Dimepiece’s turn to spill the tea. She already confirms to Karlie what she already knew about Joc and Tommy. She also tells Tommy about the big fight at Tommy’s wine tasting and how she tried to be friends with Karlie”s nemesis Joseline. Karlie wasn’t here for that news but now she is dead set on getting revenge on Joc and Tommy.

Karlie uses the opportunity to exact her revenge on her boo Joc at his comedy show. Karlie shows up with Melissa and Jessica and is not in a good mood. She immediately sets things off with Tommy and Lovely Mimi. Just observe the ratchetness below:

Now the biggest mess of the night belongs to Melissa, Joseline, Stevie, Ariane and Mimi. Joeseline is dead set on denying custody and visitation rights to Stevie after their battle in court. She reveals to Melissa her plan to move to Miami but Melissa tells her she just can’t up and take the baby away from Stevie. Mimi was on a complete warpath tonight, she also links up with Stevie to talk about Joseline.

She tells Stevie that she doesn’t want Joseline around her daughter and boy does she let him know how she really feels.

Mimi also has a problem with her “friend” Melissa tonight as well. She’s not to happy to learn from Ariane that Melissa is parading around with Joseline and confronts her about it. In the process she also learns from Melissa that her and Ariane used to sleep with each other and that Ariane was jealous.

But wait there’s more, Mimi goes and confronts Ariane about not telling her about sleeping with Melissa.

Ariane reveals that it happened a long time ago and that she had no reason to tell Mimi about it and we honestly agree. Mimi tells Ariane that Melissa said she was jealous of her and Mimi and that puts the battery in Arianes back to confront Mimi.

Ariane links up with Melissa and it’s there we learn that not only has Melissa been sleeping with Ariane but she also had a thing with Mimi.

What an absolute mess, peep the hilarious reactions to tonight’s episode in the gallery below:



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