When you’re dedicated to pursuing your dreams, sacrifice is necessary. Eli Wesse, a young producer/vocalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan, understands this all too well. With two immigrant parents from the Congo, Eli took the road less-traveled by his family and peers and left home as a young teen to live on his own on the East Coast to pursue music. He eventually moved back home to Michigan to regroup and hone his craft, sacrificing a love interest at the time. Eli captures the resulting sentiments over a slowed, emotive trap beat on his brand new single “Small Talk,” self and co-produced by Arjun Singh (producer for The Voice runner-up Michelle Chamuel’s The Drift EP, which reached #2 on the iTunes Electronic Music chart).

“There was a girl from New York City I dated. I left her and Manhattan to come back to Michigan to get my music off the ground. I never got as deep with her as I wanted. And I guess a lot of things tend to get lost in translation when you live far away. A lot of people (not just her) didn’t really believe how serious I was about music. And a lot of this record is just me clearing the air on a lot of doubt I sensed around me. I wanted people to realize all the sacrifices I made and I wanted her to look up and see… ‘look we’re really doing this.'” – Eli Wesse

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