Big Sean Covers High Snobiety Spring Issue #14

Photographer: Thomas Welch
Styling: Jenny Hoopala
Words: Stephanie Smith-Strickland

The conquering underdog archetype is tailored to hip-hop’s visceral emotional range with the same precision as a made- to-measure Savile Row suit destined for a James Bond film. “You counted me out and I came back better than ever” is a recurring sentiment that is older than the genesis of hip-hop itself, though contemporary rappers seem to have perfected the “started from the bottom, now we’re here” narrative. Few recent projects have channeled an attitude of righteous reprisal and ultimate triumph in as vehement a manner as Big Sean’s fourth studio album, I Decided. It’s another step in the evolution of the Detroit talent — a definitive statement from a relatable dark horse who has finally won the race.

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