SFPL’s Artist Spotlight: J. Eliaye – “Start It Up” [New Music]

Savviness isn’t the only thing that comes from growing up in New York- the multifaceted J. Eliaye was also gifted with many talents. Being raised in a highly musically influenced family J. Eliaye was promised to be an artist from birth. He was one of the popular kids in high school because of his dance crew he created with his friends that had his entire high school waiting for their next move.

All of his early creative endeavors fostered his genius into his adulthood – J. Eliaye’s Soundcloud has over one million streams and he’s generated quite the following on YouTube and Instagram. The upcoming artist has many talents across the board, on the mic and on stage. He was always influenced by Michael Jackson’s moves and how he incorporated them in the visuals of his music, which heavily inspired him to have as much control in the way he wanted his art to be expressed.

Eliaye’s new single “Start it Up,” has the flow and feel of today’s “Trap&B,” it’s definitely going to be accompanying Drake and Bryson Tiller on everybody’s summer playlist. J. Eliaye produced “Start it Up” alongside Mekanics and Smash David hence why we can hear the mellow bass and the back to back treble. The lyrics in, “Start it Up,” have a relatability factor just like all of his previous records and videos. The song is quite the reflection of who J. Eliaye is and what his style is like: laid back and subtle.

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