Pepsi and Kendall Jenner Dragged All Over The Internet For Tone Deaf AD!

Another day, another large corporation does something incredibly crazy and tone deaf. Tonight Kendall Jenner and Pepsi Co unveiled a new ad for Pepsi Max. In the commercial ,(posted above) Kendall is doing what she does best and that is taking photos. The photoshoot quickly comes to an end when a protest marches past her shoot and she decides to join in.

Now here is where the commercial goes absolutely wrong. Jenner makes her way to the front of the crowd and hands the a cop a Pepsi Max backed by Skip Marley’s track “Lions”. His mood quickly turns from serious, to completely happy and understanding.

The image of Jenner handing the officer a soda quickly drew comparisons to the iconic photo of Ieshia Evans confronting riot gear wearing Baton Rouge police officers.

Jenner’s mom Kris Jenner tweeted how proud she was of her daughter for being in what they thought was a brilliant ad.

Twitter and Instagram of course was not here for it AT ALL! Here is some of the electronic vitriol understandably sent Pepsi, Kris and Kendall’s way:

Welp! That is not even all of the tweets sent their way, they are still pouring in both Pepsi and Kendall’s Twitter mentions. Well we hope Pepsi and Kendall learned their lesson, but honestly though Pepsi and Kendall:

Hit the gallery below to see even more clever responses to Pepsi and Kendall’s atrocious commercial below:

By Bernard Smalls (@PhotosByBeanz)

Photographer, Entertainment Editor for Stuff Fly People Like, Tech/Video Games Writer for Hip-Hop Wired and Men's Lifestyle & Pop Culture Writer iOne Digital.

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