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Recently, singer-songwriter and musician, Cris Cab, released his new music video for “Turn Out the Light” featuring Latin superstar recording artist, J. Balvin, exclusively with Uforia Music. The stunning visual was filmed in Medellín, Columbia and directed by Johnathan Mannion, who has worked with high profile artists such as Jay Z, Dr. Dre, Aaliyah, Outkast, Nas, Nicki Minaj and Kendrick Lamar.

Cris Cab tells Uforia Music:

“I created it a year ago, in California… When I showed the song to Pharrell, he loved it, and he said to me: ‘Since you are of Cuban origin, you should think about adding Spanish to your lyrics, maybe a little bit at first. I will introduce you to someone who will give you a lot of flavor.’ There I went to the Los Angeles studio and it was where I was introduced to J”.

“Turn Out the Light” is the first single from Cris Cab’s forthcoming Pharrell Williams executive produced album, New Beginningswhich is slated for release later this year. The upcoming album is set to explore all of the variations reggae music has had to offer the world. From 80’s UK pop, vintage Jamaican roots, Caribbean dancehall to Latin Reggaton. Cris effortlessly uses all of these styles with his own flavor and seamlessly incorporates them into a modern sound with a Universal message.  The project holds songs made with heavy weight producers like Pharrell Williams, Jerry Wonder, and Dallas Austin, with many unexpected surprise features.


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