Embarking on a brand new path can often be difficult for many but it is something that Swedish-born singer-songwriter Dafina Zeqiri is making look rather easy. Already established as one of the biggest acts in her native Europe, amassing a following that has yielded her legions of loyal fans comparable to pop stars in the states and domination of the international Pop and R&B charts, Dafina has her sights set on the U.S. Under the tutelage of talented rap producer Rick Steel, the songstress has been hard at work on her first official English language project titled KING, which is slated for release very soon.

The first offering from the EP arrives via her visual to “Four Seasons.” Starring French Montana as her capricious lover, the clip finds Dafina exploring the levels of jilted love. Speaking with The FADER on her U.S. debut, she shared that she is finally able to express herself creatively in ways previously unable. As far as the inspiration behind the single, Dafina candidly stated: “Once the intro of the beat came on it immediately took me on an emotional relationship rollercoaster based on seasonal changes.”

Take a look at the full visual above.

Twitter: @Dafina_Zeqiri @FrencHMonTanA

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