Watch: Chance The Rapper, Jordan Peele and The Cast Breakdown The Certified Fresh Film ‘Get Out’

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Get Out if you haven’t heard did something incredible already and that’s earn a 100% fresh rating on Rotten TomatoesBarack Obama Announces 46 Commutations

An amazing feat to accomplish,on February 19th, in Los Angeles, Grammy Award winning musician Chance The Rapper hosted a special screening of Get Out. Immediately following the film Chance moderated a Q&A session with the film’s director/writer Jordan Peele and stars from the film Daniel Kaluuya (Chris), Allison Williams (Rose) and Milton ‘Lil Rel’ Howery (Rod).

Here’s some of what they had to say about the groundbreaking Horror film.

Peele on making Get Out:

“I wanted to make a movie where people just screamed at the theater get out the fucking house and I think I achieved that. “

Peele on when he started writing the film:

“When President Obama was elected we entered this era that I called a post-racial lie. We got a black president, it’s done, we passed it and many of us know that race is very much alive and the racism is very much alive. It’s this monster that was kinda simmering underneath the surface of the country for a while. So I felt this movie was originally meant to address that and to call it out. Now we live in a completely different era and it’s been fascinating to see how this movie’s journey has led up to this moment where I feel it’s more relevant more now than ever.”

Peele on psychology aspect of the film:

“I feel like we often neglect one of the most powerful ways that we communicate and we can encourage more communication on a subject. And right now I feel like the way we talk about race in this country is broken. Maybe this will fuck shit up in the wrong way, I dunno. But I do feel like art and communication is like that’s the one tool we have against the true horrors of the world which is violence. I hope that this is an inclusive experience and I hope that it inspires people to just talk”

Star of the film Daniel Kaluuya touched on how he got involved in the movie and what interested about the film:

“It really resonated with me, it was like what racism feels like, it’s kinda like that paranoia when you’re in room full of white people and you’re like somethings off.”

Allison Williams on what it was like being that “white girl” in the movie:

“I’m so proud, I wanted to do something that would piss people off more a little bit and actually get people to talk.”

You can watch the full Q&A session above, we seen Get Out not once but twice already so that should say a lot. We expect the movie to make huge noise at the box office this weekend and we HIGHLY recommend you hit the theaters to see the film.


Get Out is officially in theaters NOW! GO SEE THIS FILM!


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