Madison Square Garden Resident DJ, Tiff McFierce takes us down memory lane as she provides hits that totally made us fall completely in love. The formula of meaningful songs that still had structure and catchy bridges, Tiff reminds music lovers of what has been missed for some time now.

Tiff says:


Happy Valentine’s Day my lovelies! As some of you know, I released a McFierce, vibe-y mix for this 2017 VDay a couple of weeks ago for you all. Whether you have a bad or you’re just buying your moms some chocolates, rock out with me to the sounds of great song structure and ACTUAL bridges. Remember those? Yes, I took it to the bridge for you with this mix. Nothing but love, all the fierce feels and swaying with head bops. NAYYYHOOOOOOOO! Get your harmonies and ad libs on. Have a sweet Vday!

XOXO, Tiff

She also said:

Vibes on vibes on vibes ONLY, because If the love don’t feel like 90’s r&b…

I grew up when songs still had bridges & fly song structure- so I aint cutting sh*t short! 🙂 Enjoy loves! Happy Valentine’s Day!

P.s-Thank you to every boy in middle school, high school & college that made mixtapes/cd’s- this is for you, LOL!

Get into the spirit of Love above.

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