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Omarosa Manigault our Director of African-American Outreach (rolls eyes) clearly fears no one and it definitely showed when she stepped into the lion’s den and joined clearly anti-Trump environment that is The View.

You can tell she’s been hanging around Kelly Ann Conway a lot and taking notes because her pivoting deflection skills were on point. Omarosa successfully danced around all the tough questions thrown her way regarding her boss President Donald Trump’s terrible comments during his campaign and his current moves since he took office.

Things began to get extremely chippy between Omarosa and The View veteran Joy Behar when Behar brought up Trump’s taxes and asked if we would finally see them? Which got a loud applause from the crowd.

Omarosa quickly snapped back and replied and said “I’m not going to fall for that” and changed the subject to her Democrat fiance (bless his soul) being in the studio audience and completely not even answering the question. It didn’t stop there, Omarosa took it there when she added “And I hope that you one day could find that kind of joy, Joy, in your life”


The crowd responded with boos of course, Behar responded to Omarosa and said: “That’s right, and I feel like I could get high right now.”.


See the exchange below:

Omarosa lucky Whoopi wasn’t there, and for the record Joy has found that “joy” already last year when she married Steve Janowitz her longtime beau of 29 years. Welp if Omarosa wants a Trump friendly interview she can always go to Fox News.




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