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Freaky Friday: Azealia Banks Shares Video of Herself Cleaning Out Her Closet Where She Sacrificed Chickens For 3 Years!

Can we please leave Azealia Banks in 2016? There’s no denying she is super talented when it comes to her music but let’s be honest we rarely get to talk about her music. It’s not because we don’t want too, but she does crazy sh*t that always takes the focus away from her music.


Azealia has had herself quite the year drama wise from getting banned off Twitter,getting bodied by a Disney star on Twitter fighting with Russell Crowe and now we can add learning she sacrifices chickens in her closet to that list.

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Yes y’all today Azealia posted & deleted on Instagram a video of herself cleaning out a closet where she has been performing Brujeria also known as Witchcraft (sacrificing chickens) for 3 years. Hard to believe right ? Welp here is the video for your viewing pleasure:

Real witches do real things.


Oh she’s also pushing her own line of magic spells as well, we kid you not.

We are quite sure Azealia has friends that come over to her house to hang out, you mean to tell us they didn’t smell anything when they came over? Three years worth of chicken blood and guts had to have had her crib smelling like a slaughter-house.

Image (4) tumblr_n3xvjyImnb1s2pdzeo1_400.gif for post 110941

Now we’re not knocking her practicing something she believes in her home, BUT to share that video is just too much. Also Azealia ask yourself this question, how has that been working out for you? Looks like you are conjuring up the wrong spells on yourself with all the L’s you been taking recently.


Oh and of course the internet hilariously reacted to finding out that Azealia is a real life witch. Hit the gallery to see the hilarious responses to  Azealia slaying chickens in the crib below:

By Bernard Smalls (@PhotosByBeanz)

Photographer, Entertainment Editor for Stuff Fly People Like, Tech/Video Games Writer for Hip-Hop Wired and Men's Lifestyle & Pop Culture Writer iOne Digital.

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