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Morgan Taylor Jones is back again, but not from where you would think! In her new single “Shine,” Morgan embraces a soft, quiet intro that slowly erupts into a rhythmic melody with hip hop undertones. Shine comes from a place where elegance and brawn collide; it’s a song that allows the listener to embrace the sultry sounds of R&B, while still hearing the raw, rugged sounds of other genres.

Every record Morgan makes represents her in a number of ways. The song introduces a different message this go around, “I wanted to approach things from a different angle. It’s very powerful, very strong, very different, yet still very me.” Not to be confused with a cliché song for empowerment, “Shine” is the record you wake up to in the morning and tell yourself, “I got this.”

The official single is available on Google PlayiTunesSpotify and Soundcloud for your listening pleasure.

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