Singer/Songwriter Elijah Blake takes a spontaneous trip to Japan and captures the most scenic visual ever. Birthed from his 2016 project Blueberry Vapors, the video was formed in representation of his hit songs “Forget You” and “Voices In My Head.”

Directed by Sean Alexander, both Elijah and Sean decided to jump on a plane and take advantage of the fascinating Japan culture and what it had to offer. No crew, no plans, but eventually forming a great concept.

Elijah tells FADER:

“One day my director Sean Alexander and I were sitting back thinking how crazy would it be to just hop on a plane with no crew, no plan, no restrictions, and be forced to pull from whatever culture we stumble upon. Three days later, we were headed to Japan with just his camera. Neither one of us spoke a lick of Japanese, but we came up with this piece with the help of some friends we made along the way. I’m very proud of it.”

Check it out above.

Check out the ‘Blueberry Vapors’ project HERE.

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