Alessia Cara Faces Growing Up in “Seventeen” [New Video]

Alessia Cara reflects on growing up in the brand new visual for her single “Seventeen.”

Off her album Know-It-All the song delves into the idea that as children we have this deep longing to be older and we don’t really take the time to appreciate the journey of growing up.

The video opens with a young Cara riding the bus with her father. Eventually she becomes a spunky teenager riding the bus solo and with friends, a young adult, a new mom, the mother of a teenager, and finally her kid becomes an adult too; bringing the whole thing full circle.

Throughout the progression of the video Cara continues to age and eventually understands all that comes with getting older.

“I was too young to understand what it means,”

she sings.

“I couldn’t wait ’till I could be seventeen / I thought she lied when she said take my time to breathe / Now I wish I could freeze the time at seventeen.”

Watch Alessia literally show her growth in “Seventeen” below.

[protected-iframe id=”b85042db2d4936127ecfa92c8738facc-94710750-80241297″ info=”″ width=”480″ height=”270″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]

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