If you’re not going home for the holidays then you might just change your mind after watching Trey Songz‘s new visual “Comin Home.”

In the video, Trey spends precious time with his family, friends and more in Virginia as he hits the streets and visits his old neighborhood. Throughout the video, you will also see a few candid moments of Trey’s immediate family and even his Grandmother as they speak on spending holidays with the ones that they love dearly. The talented singer also reflects on a certain love interest according to the lyrics of the song.

In the song he sings:

I wish I was there more than I am, babe

These lonely nights take a toll on a man

You don’t understand it

It’s so unfair that Christmas is all throughout the air

And I hate that we’re both alone

I’d rather be with you by the mistletoe

Check out the video above.


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