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Every so often an artist is actually talented, connected with their fans and able to stand out in a crowed city of noise. Will Hill is the protocol son in the evolution of Atlanta’s forever-growing music scene.

Will Hill & producer FR23SH teamed up to create the Doors EP. The 5-track project takes listeners through a rollercoaster of Hill’s emotions and his obstacles as he tries to overcome them. As the different ‘Doors,’ opportunities & relationships, open and close in his life, he tries to find his purpose in the world and intends to continue his rise to the top.


Will says:

“I just wanted to tell a story that could resonate with people, I feel like I did that. There has been a lot that has gone on in my life since I last released a project, lots of things that have come and gone. I feel like Doors was the perfect metaphor for those things.

He also adds:

“There’s a short film coming soon!”

A quick look at the meaning behind the songs graced on Will Hill’s project:

Knock: The introduction track gives insight into Will’s return – and for some, an introduction. The song informs listeners of Will’s purpose and his new awakening.

Highway: An uuplifting hymn. Here, Will tries to clear his mind and focus on important things while driving down 75.

Syntha: A conversation with a girl, explaining some insecurities and Will wanting to be with someone that can be there for him. Life’s simplicities.

Fix You Need: A much more intimate version of the continued conversation, a much deeper and spiritual feeling between Will and the girl that he has come to see. She seems to be more of a ‘thing’ than he had initially intended her to be.

Wings: Will finds his purpose, focuses on his dreams and, much like the climate of the election, he moves forward!

Take a listen below and let us know what you think!

Twitter & Instagram: @RealWillHill

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